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Jackson Kayak Coosa X (2023)

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Fishing boat Coosa FD. Jackson Kayak deepens its roots in river fishing with this updated... mehr

Fishing boat Coosa FD.
Jackson Kayak deepens its roots in river fishing with this updated take on the Coosa line. Jackson has taken the extensive knowledge of hull design for moving water and combined it with input from the fishing team to create a true JK Team Signature Watercraft, the Coosa X. The Coosa X is stable, maneuverable, easily rigged, and comes with tons of new and innovative features.

- Kayak
- Kajak
- Fishing Kayak
- Angel-Kajak
- Fishing boat
- Angelboot

- Fishing
- Angeln

- Fishing
- Angeln
- Kayaking
- Kajakfahren
- Paddling
- Paddeln
- Boat Sports
- Bootsport
- Watersports
- Wassersport

- Flüsse
- Seen

- Einsteiger
- Fortgeschrittene
- Profis

- Large bow hatch with paddle stager
- Bow geometry for ease of adding bow-mounted anchor system
- Jackson’s new TriTrak system provides almost unlimited gearing solutions. Using the channels in the TriTrak, installing electronics and hiding cables out of the way is a breeze
- Gear track located in key areas for more rigging options
- The bow and stern is designed with trolling and electric motor installation in mind. This is due to an adaptable four bolt pattern on the stern and a flattened, mountable area on the bow along with geometry to add foot-controlled steering
- Drag chain management system in stern
- Jackson’s patented EZ Hi-Lo Seating System takes comfort to new levels and allows you to raise and lower your seat with one hand
- New footpegs allow for in-gunnel rod management, providing secure, protected storage for up to four rods to be safely stowed on either side of the seat along the gunnels
- Oversized transducer scupper will handle most fishfinder transducers
- Round rear hatch for access into stern of the kayak

- 1x Kajak in der vorgenannten Ausführung

Lieferbare Bootsfarbe:
- Playa

Technische Daten:
Länge: 360 cm (11‘8‘‘) | Breite: 91,5 cm (36‘‘) | Bootsgewicht: 44,5 kg (98 lbs) | Maximale Paddler-Anzahl: 1 | Maximale Zuladung: 193 kg (425 lbs) | Material: PE

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